Energy Strategy


The Energy Strategy for Andalusia 2030 will promote the transition of the Autonomous Community towards a carbon-neutral, more efficient energy model, guaranteeing access to reliable and sustainable energy, with an impact on job creation and economic activity.

The Strategy collects the strategic guidelines governing the regional energy policy in coming years towards and adequate energy model, low in carbon, intelligent and of quality, with a view to achieving a new carbon-neutral energy model by 2050.

It proposes action in all sectors of the Andalusian society: citizens, businesses and industry and administrations.

It is result of the experience and results obtained from previous energy planning, and it has been developed through a process based on governance, counting on the participation of citizens, the most representative actors of the sector and the Administration.

In the Energy Strategy of Andalusia 2030 the 6 main objectives of the energy transition have been defined and the 12 strategic lines that will be promoted by the Regional Government to achieve them are included, among which are promoting the use of renewable energies and the sustainable development of energy networks; energy rehabilitation of business buildings and homes and their urban environment, paying special attention to the most vulnerable groups; improve sostenibility and competitiveness of industry and service sector through energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy; going forward to  zero-emissions mobility, revitalise tbe bioeconomy and circular economy and to impulse profesional and business opportunities offered by the energy transition.

Objetives Energy Strategy for Andalusia 2030