Optimisation of energy supply contracts


For its daily operations, the Andalusian Regional Government demands electricity and a series of hydrocarbons for its thermal needs and transport.

During 2011, the electricity consumption in buildings and facilities of the centres adhered to the REDEJA network reached 778.87 GWh and its associated cost (excluding VAT) was 93.06 million euros.

If these figures are compared to those obtained in 2010 (as shown in the table below), it can be observed how, despite the increase in energy electricity consumption1, the electricity billing of the Andalusian Regional Government has been reduced by almost three million euros – and this, despite that the terms included in the electricity billing have grown significantly during the previous year.


Electricity consumption of the entities adhered to the REDEJA network during years 2010 and 2011.

Entities adhered to the REDEJA network



Electricity consumed

739 GW/h

778 GW/h

Cost of electricity (excluding VAT)

96 MM€

93,06 MM€


The reasons for this lower cost include both the conditions agreed upon in the first centralised contract for low voltage and that was functioning until the end of 2011 (lower prices agreed with the marketer, policies of power optimisation, investments to eliminate the cost of reactive energy, etc.), as well as high voltage due mainly to the regularisation of the contracts that have passed in its majority to the free market.

The REDEJA network also advises its adhered entities on the supplies of natural gas and gasoil in their public buildings with heating needs and on motor fuels in all the management centres that use vehicles for the development of their activities.

1The growth of the consumption recorded, both in high and low voltage, is mainly due to the increase in the number of supplies managed by the REDEJA network in 2001 compared to the previous year that registered 332 in low voltage and 102 in high voltage.